More reviews of ‘After Montale’ and some new poems

I was delighted to have received another two well written reviews of ‘After Montale’.
Caroline Maldonaldo has translated Montale herself , and so I was particularly pleased with her assessment of my versions in London Grip, which you can read in full here  , but I can’t resist quoting briefly;
‘The translation and the selection and organisation of these poems (not chronological) are also an expression of Marshall, the poet. They are a delight to read, beautifully crafted, spare yet lyrical.’
‘With this pamphlet he has brought us his version of Montale, a selection of poems that work beautifully in their own right. ‘

The second review is by Pam Thompson in Under The Rader. Pam very perceptively writes that the collection features  persons or a person ‘moving away from the public and often chaotic world into wherever they find personal solace, ‘ and perhaps this is one of the reasons Montale appeals to me.

In other writing related news, the new edition of Finished Creatures magazine arrived today. Beautifully produced by editor Jan Heritage and put together, printed and distributed during this time of pandemic, the publication is very welcome, containing as it does a great selection of varied work, all related to the theme of balance. I am pleased to have contributed two poems to what is an excellent recent addition to the UK poetry magazine scene.

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