The Great Animator

‘These are poems that hold words to the light until they flash with sudden truth’
– Andrew McCulloch,  on ‘Gopagilla’ (2012), Times Literary Supplement.

‘ Highly imaginative and something of a high wire act.. a vivid collection’
Warwick Review, onThe Sun Bathers’

‘ Filled with invention, exceptional skill and rueful humour’. – Peter Carpenter, Under The Radar on ‘The Sun Bathers’

‘The Great Animator- a modern lyricism that’s fiercely human. Top pick for 2017’ Mark Fiddes.

‘..his development has been startling. The Great Animator brings us a poet in full maturity.’

‘ The collection is packed with terrific narratives. Moreover, Marshall has learnt to home in on the pivotal details that make a story come alive..In The Great Animator,  Marshall demonstrates the technical and thematic skills of a mature poet. He’s come to trust not just himself but his readers. The least we can do is get hold of a copy and be thankful for the generosity of his poems.’

Matthew Stewart 

‘ Every other line offers something in language we can revel in, smile at, whisper in pleasure as we read. Some lines feel like sonic ball-pools we can roll around in, emerging for air only as they resolve.’ Noel Williams, on ‘The Great Animator’ The North Issue 58

‘This collection is muscular yet contains vulnerability… It seems to me that Marshall has
found his real, true, honest voice in this collection. He has stood in the stream of himself to find natural, instinctive flow of the voice within. What a joy it is to read his findings.’
The Interpreter’s House, Richard Skinner on ‘The Great Animator’.


‘The hospital poems in particular are beautiful in tone and he cuts through the filmic lies associated with death and decay in these “true” poems. There’s a kind of spirituality at work in poems which reference such things as the unexpected sight of a heron on an inland housing estate and in the title poem.’ Michael Brown.

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