The Sun Bathers


Front Cover 

‘These are poems that hold words to the light until they catch it and flash with sudden truth.’  Andrew McCulloch, Times Literary Supplement.

‘ a collection that is filled with invention, exceptional skill and rueful humour ‘  Peter Carpenter, Under The Radar.
‘… poise and control underscores the collection with an elegance of language, concision and imagery, building on recurring motifs to create a coherent experience for the reader. ‘  Angelina Ayres, Orbis.
‘ Marshall’s  choice of vocabulary is often superb and deals with its subject matter with subtlety. He has an ability to get the heart of the poem through image and the sparsest lines of description.’  Rosemary Badcoe,  Antiphon.

  ‘Such writing is highly imaginative and something of a high wire act…this is a vivid collection’ Warwick Review.

‘Marshall has a fine talent for elegance and clarity. His poetry exerts a very quiet, understated spell: it keeps drawing you back.’
Five Leaves Review by Neil Fulwood.

‘..a lyricism that is quite his own.’ David Cooke, The North   

The Sun Bathers is available from  SHOESTRING PRESS




  1. Good Sun Bathing, Roy. I’m sure it will do well and be welcomed by an appreciative audience.
    Best wishes, Derrick B.


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