Temporary art

Here is a picture I made a couple of days ago.

On a walk in a country park I found myself collecting one (and sometimes more) of every type of leaf I saw, firstly without purpose, and later with an idea to making some sort of artwork. There was such a variety of shapes and colours. Initially I thought I might arrange the leaves in terms of size and shape or shade (see below) , but laying them out on the floor at home, I realized I would run out of space. A less ambitious idea was to select a few and frame them. The resulting artwork is pictured above. It hung on the wall for an hour or so.

Of course without some form of preservative the organic matter in the frame would deteriorate very quickly. The artwork could only last a short while, and I thought about how I might keep it
and record its mutability, perhaps by photographically recording the decay of the leaves. Maybe if I had a studio space instead of a tiny office, that is what would of happened. Maybe it is a project for another year. As it is the temporary picture was snapped on my phone camera before the leaves were released into the wind.

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