New poems


This year the Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice – the shortest day of the year – falls on Sunday 22 December.
It is the first time in four years that it hasn’t fallen on 21 December, the solstice’s most common date.

There is an interesting article about Solstice by Professor Alice Roberts here. 

Here is a poem from the current issue of The High Window 

Above the Quarry at Solstice

The little salt and pepper dog
might as well have my heart
tethered to her tail.

We print a blank field,
climb iced steps
until I can see clear distance

between what I thought I needed
and what I it is. Below us
railway sleepers rise in thawing snow

like black keys on a piano.
She trots across an orange sun
that is leaving us behind.

I also have a poem in the newly arrived  issue of The North magazine. It is a seasonal poem (think Christmas cards and Yesterday, the 21st, was National Robin Day   ) but it is also a poem about national identity and, in the last lines, about recent political events in the UK.






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