Emptiness is part of the process

There was a period following the publication of my last book ‘The Great Animator’, when I wondered if I would write any more poems.
That was in 2017 and since then, as well as working on a series of translations of  Eugenio Montale poems, I seem to have written some twenty five or so new pieces. As the brilliant poet Kathleen Jamie says, ‘Things will start to drip into my mind. You have to have faith in that process. Having times of emptiness is part of it.’

I’ve gathered the new poems together in a file and every now and then I have sent a batch off to magazines.

Published since the book are poems in Rialto 74, The Butchers Dog issue 11, STRIX magazine issues 4 and 6, Finished Creatures issue 1, and yesterday, two new poems in the new edition of The Manchester Review. You can read these and lots of other interesting work by fine writers by clicking this link       .

Other poems are forthcoming in the lovely handstitched Coast to Coast to Coast magazine, the online publication The High Window
and winter edition of The North.

Another recently published poem has appeared in an excellent anthology called ‘The Cotton Grass Appreciation Society’ from Maytree Press, founded by the painter and poet David Coldwell and based in the village of Marsden in West Yorkshire. I had the pleasure of attending the launch in the library there last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed listening to the other contributors and meeting friends old and new.

It was a fine, clear day and I managed to arrive early enough to walk up and take in the views from the top of Pule Hill.



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