In town

I travelled to London to read in support of Richard Skinner and Peter Raynard at their joint book launch in Peckham this week.

It was a sweltering day and I was glad of my linen trousers and shirt as I enjoyed the ride south and the views from the top deck of the bus.

It’s been a long time sine I lived and worked in London and whenever I visit now I am shocked at the scale of the new buildings.
To the right of the photograph above is the art deco 1920’s built  Oxo building. It looks like a child’s wooden building block (do children still play with those?) next to the newer and extended towers that now  dominate the skyline.

Although I lived in North London, I have familial connections with the south of the city, so it is always interesting to visit.


Getting off at Camberwell Green to meet my friend Richard, I enjoyed the blossom in the park, the bright, Caribbean  dress and smart suits of the older women and men of the Windrush generation, the sights and sounds of children playing after school (as well as a man up taking time to enjoy the swings),  the buzz created by the sudden arrival of warm weather.

The reading was very well attended and I enjoyed listening to Jill Abraham, Soul Patel, Pinina Shinebourne, and Richard and Peter.


There was time to enjoy a well made full English breakfast at the Sunrise café before heading North, stopping to retrace my old route to work (an office near Fleet street in the late eighties)

and along the river where the rough sleepers sleep on as the city roars around them and the river rolls to the sea.




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