A photo diary

Here are some photos from my recent travels to launch ‘The Great Animator’.
As you can see I am fortunate to have spent time with some lovely people (and animals) and to have visited some fabulous places.

First stop was Yorkshire


For the Manchester Waterstones bookshop reading I visited poet and shepherd Keith Hutson. On the left is Keith laying out food for his flock.
Here is Keith’s puppy, Eric, who took me for a walk.

Keith Hutson reading in Manchester

My publisher and editor, the writer Professor John Lucas introducing the readings.


American poet Mihaela Moscaliuc reading from her collection ‘Imigrant Model’.  And American poet Michael Waters.

Yorkshire sculpture park. A quick stop on the way home to visit my favourite Henry Moore, ‘Two Forms, 1966-1969’

Also new exhibition of Tony Cragg’s incredible work.


And some geese and a Heron by the river

I was also lucky to see a Kingfisher  nearby.





London, Bloomsbury. The white plaque is on the Foundlings Hospital.



And a quick stop at the British museum






Including an exhibition of British watercolours. Paul Nash,  Eric Ravilious,  and new to me, Ralph Maynard Smith.
This piece has the fantastic title ‘Better be yourself; better make your own music.’

Met John Lucas before the evening reading

with Michael and Mihaela at Bookmarks, Bloomsbury.



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