The rise and rise of on line poetry magazines

The Forward Prize for poetry, providers of prizes for poetry and publishers ( try saying that quickly) of an annual anthology in the UK,  recently announced that they would be considering submissions from on-line poetry magazines for the first time.

Forward anthology

While I love the range of print magazines available in the UK and Ireland, it is great to see an acknowledgement of the increasing contribution internet based magazines are making to poetry publishing in the UK. There is still nothing quite like receiving a beautifully produced paper scented parcel full of poems through the letterbox. But on-line magazines are a wonderful and complimentary
addition to the existing scene, and the Forward announcement is a timely reflection of the fact that the acknowledgements page in many poetry collections are now full of the names of internet based publications.

From my first forays into the poetry magazine world I have been interested in on-line publishing for its accessibility and range.


In recent years there has been a proliferation of poetry sites of all types. I’ve put a selection of links to my own internet publications on a page of this site – Links to my poems on line.

As with print publications, on-line sites are attracting submissions from well established poets as well as those starting out.
There are many different styles and layouts, some including reviews and editorials.  All have editors or editorial boards with unpaid poets working together as they do for small print magazines, giving of their time and energy to select what they consider to be the best work.

All are available to share and read at leisure at the touch of a button.
Below are just three of my favourites, starting with thee brand new The High Window magazine, issue one published today. I’m fortunate to have two poems in this edition.

While I’m in the publicising mood, I also have a poem in the UK newspaper The Morning Star.

The High Window – New today!

The High Window

And Other poems – regularly updated. High quality and great range.
The Compass– Beautifully produced. Includes new and established writers, features and reviews.


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