Time passes…


Cave Prints

Back from a trip to Picardy,
seated in my box-room office
and looking for a change
in more than weather,

I take down the linocut
of a hare among poppies,
a skull from Da Vinci’s notebook,
Clausen’s head of a fair

and serious girl, the abstract in oils
by someone  I knew in another life,
a Van Gough postcard  and a portrait
by Modigliani, but leave

the aboriginal flurry
of red and yellow hands
framed ten years back,
minute fingers and leafy palms

in autumnal colour
as fresh as if just lifted
from a tray of poster-paint,
gently pressed and held to paper.


  1. Hi Roy, I hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday in France – it was lovely to meet you all. Really enjoying reading some of your poems here after googling you!!


  2. Beautiful words Roy. We looked for you to say ‘goodbye’ but you were out and about. We went on to Alsace and loved it. Some inspirational countryside. Will send you some poetry in Scots when I get unpacked.


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