Good news

I’m very pleased to have received news that my book, The Sun Bathers has been shortlisted for the Michael Murphy prize. You can read the full shortlist on the Poetry Society webpage here.

As you will see if you follow the link, it is an illustrious list containing some brilliant poets and so I’m surprised and delighted to have made the shortlist.  I’m grateful to my publisher, John Lucas of Shoestring Press for entering the book for the bi-annual prize which is for a ‘distinctive first collection’. The prize was instigated by colleagues of the late Michael Murphy, who tragically died at the age of 43 of a brain tumour in 2009.
There’s more a little more information about Michael and the prize that bears his name here.

It has been a joy of receive congratulations from many poets through social media. In addition to this, any writers reading this will know how important it is to receive the occasional affirmation to help offset the nagging doubts and insecurities about their work.  Yesterday, I was fretting over the latest drafts of the next book . Today I’ll just let myself count my blessings and remember all the hard work that went into the last one. Thanks.


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