Double Bill is the sequel to 2012’s very successful Split Screen anthology of poems inspired by film and television. Double Bill reaches into other areas of popular culture, including poems inspired by art, dance and sport in addition to another healthy crop of film and TV-inspired poetry, and even includes some advertising related pieces to provide authentic commercial breaks.

The book features over 130 poems and includes work from W.N Herbert, Joan Hewitt, Jon Stone, Luke Kennard, Helen Mort, Simon Barraclough, Tim Wells, Roy Marshall, Helen Ivory, Ian Parks, Chrissy Williams, Ian Macmillan, John Hegley and many, many  others. Double Bill will delight readers of poetry as well as film buffs, TV fanatics and music lovers of all kinds and would make the perfect stocking filler. Order now to avoid disappointment.

Double Bill is not yet available in the shops, but you can order your copy here or here .


  1. Thank you John. I suppose I’ve gone for both over the past couple of years. Competitions have to take my fancy for various reasons- I don’t enter any that seem to cost too much -£5 seems about right to me, although I don’t base this on any knowledge of who gets what- and tend to go for the one’s with judges who’s work I like, although of course that won’t mean they’ll like mine. Sometimes a good publication is more rewarding and is probably read by more people than a highly commended poem in a comp. I also look how long it takes for the result to come back- just as I wouldn’t want to wait six months for a poem to be accepted/rejected, I don’t like my darlings hanging around in space too long. It’ll be good to see your work in more magazines if you do follow this course. I’ve never forgotten the Ted Hughes one you had in The North and thought that should have been in some kind of Best Of British poetry anthology- hmmm, there’s an idea.


  2. Hi Roy – dunno if I messaged the right Roy Marshall on FB. Hope so! Do let me know how to submit poems to your future anthologies. Off to buy Double Bill and Split Screen from my indie bookshop. All the v best, Char


  3. That’s very flattering, mate! Thank you! I should say that the lsst 4submissions were smartly rejected…..a hit rate in 12 months of 1:8. Comps, on the other hand…. 6:10. Makes no sense. No grumbles, clearly.


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