Midsummer Festival and Antiphon

Sheffield’s all new Midsummer Poetry Festival is now in full swing and you can find details of events here.

The line-up features an exciting eclectic mix of poets, including a number of Poetry Business pamphlet winners  .

Highlights include readings from James Caruth, Rebecca Farmer, Holly Hopkins and Ben Wilkinson on 10th June, as well as readings from the likes of Helen Mort, Susannah Evans, David Tait, Angelina Ayres, Alison McVety , Chris Jones, Sally Goldsmith and Julie Mellor.

I’m happy to say I’ll be reading on Saturday 14th at Bank Street Arts (3:15pm -4:30pm,) with Nia Davies, John Harvey and A.B. Jackson.


There are workshops, a symposium on putting together an anthology, and other events spaced regularly over the next few weeks, all either free or at refreshingly low prices. You can read a selection of work by poets at the festival in the new issue of the brilliant Antiphon, together with work from an international roster of poets and a selection of reviews.  You can read my own poem ‘Ammonite’ here, as well as a review of Ben Parker’s ‘The Escape Artists’ (tall-lighthouse.) here.

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