Motel Poetry

I was recently invited to participate in a filmed poetry project conceived, shot and produced by Rebecca Bird and Raegan Sealy. Rebecca had heard my poem ‘Meat is Murder’ at Leicester’s bi-monthly Shindig and thought the piece would work well on camera.

The poem is set in the 1980’s, a time when the band The Smiths released an album of the same name, and contains references to a butcher’s shop and its contents. With this in mind it was decided that we film in and around Leicester market where traditional stalls continue to carry rabbits, pheasants and other foods that have disappeared from both supermarkets and most butchers shops in Britain.

During filming I stumbled over the somewhat tongue twisting line ‘that sheened the scrubbed slab and marble counter’ several times, but the two woman film crew were patient and good-humoured. Ingenious solutions to the restrictions imposed by a limited budget included the use of a moving walkway and some overdubbing after the shoot.

It seems to me that the background noise of the market adds to the atmosphere of the piece. I enjoyed the morning and am very impressed with the finished edit. You can watch the film and find out more about Motel Poetry by clicking here.   


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