I’m looking forward to reading in London tomorrow night at the Lumen, Tavistock Place with Deborah Tyler-Bennett. There will also be an open mike and all proceeds from the night are donated to a homeless charity. You can find details of the event on the Poetry Library website here.

This will be the first time I’ve read from my new book so I’ve been selecting poems and reading them to an imagined audience. If you happened to have been in the south Leicestershire village where I live you might have observed a man standing by a rain streaked window with a copy of ‘The Sun Bathers’ in his hand, his lips moving as wings of spray rose from cars passing through a pool that had formed around an overflowing drain.



  1. Good luck with tomorrow night’s reading, Roy. I’m sure it will go well. All the preparation and practise you’ve put in will count for a lot on the night. Only remember to take your time – and, ahem, breathe! So sorry I can’t be there. The Sun Bathers is a truly fine collection.


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