62 pages of poems.


A very new book hanging out with some of its hero’s and exemplars.

Copies of my book ‘The Sun Bathers’ arrived this week and it really looks and feels lovely. I have  several Shoestring collections on my shelves so I knew it would be a well produced book, but I was not prepared for the elegant item that awaited me when I got home from work.  I’d seen the proof copy of course, and thought that looked and felt good, but Shoestring has surpassed themselves. The finished book has exquisite cream paper and feels and looks to be of very high quality, easily as well made as a large press production.  I’ll refrain from commenting on the quality of the poetry and leave that for you to decide.

I’ve set up a Paypal button on this site
(please see page entitled ‘The Sun Bathers’ if you wish to purchase a copy from me,) or alternatively you can place an order with Shoestring Press here.
Perhaps the best option would be to come to the series of readings that have been arranged for October and November (please see Events page for details) where you can hear me read from the book in the company of such fine poets as Maria Taylor, Rory Waterman, Deborah Tyler Bennett, Matt Merritt and John Gallas.    Finally, I would like to thank everyone who has ever encouraged or supported my writing in any way.  And thank you for reading this.



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