What The Poetry Coach Said

What the poetry coach said

There are leagues within leagues
divisions within divisions.
Keep your eyes on the poem,
avoid distractions. Play your own game
and remember, you’re in it
for the long run. Like me, try and avoid
but know when to deploy
a good cliche. Sometimes you’ll be
sick as a parrot, sometimes
over the moon. Of course you will encounter
foul play; try to keep cool.
Ego and ambition you must keep
in peak condition but also give
the smallest room.
Close down your own sloppy play
and man mark the muse. If you concentrate
on core skills and fitness
the time for flare
will come. Yes, you have talent,
but it’s all about effort. Now
give it your best my son.



  1. Hilarious. The best laugh I’ve had in a while. But the way I look at it, at the end of the day, you know, many a true word spoken in jest. And just remember, Roy, poetry isn’t life or death. It’s more important than that.


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