Gopagilla. A year on.


It’s a year since 250 copies of my pamphlet ‘Gopagilla’ came back from the printers.  It was one in a series of six pamphlets resulting from a competition run by Crystal Clear Creators.  The launch took place at De Mont Fort University, where my publishers Jonathan and Maria Taylor both work.
It was the sort of launch that I imagine larger publishers would be proud of, and there was a big room filled will attentive listeners.

I received 10 free ‘author’ copies from Crystal Clear, as well as a 50% discount on any further copies I might wish to buy.

Then it was down to me to shift some copies and recoup some of my publisher’s outlay!

I took pamphlets to readings, magazine launches and other poetry events, casually mentioning the pamphlet to other poets and selling a few here and there. This was not a lucrative business; often the petrol or train tickets would wipe out and exceed any revenue from sales.

But slowly the pile of pamphlets in Jonathan’s office began to reduce until, almost a year later,
there are only about thirty left.  Not all of the pamphlets were sold. Copies were sent to reviewers,
I gave some away and swapped a few with other pamphleteers and a small number were marked or creased and therefore un-saleable.

But, given the size of Crystal Clear and the means at our disposal, I have to say I’m delighted that approximately two hundred people parted with £4 for, it must be said, a beautifully designed and produced pamphlet of poetry. Thank you to those who have bought a copy.  If anyone reading this would like to buy one or any of the other pamphlets in the series there is a link here. And if you would like to read some reviews first there are some elsewhere on this site. Please hurry while stocks last!



      1. Hi Kim, hope all is well with you. I need to win some money from a comp and get a bursary so I can come to Ty Newydd with Ian and you in the summer. P.S Like the new picture! Roy


    1. Have not discussed reprints with Crystal Clear Kim, but would love to think it might happen.
      Thinking about new book at the moment. I’m in the fortunate position of having too many poems for it!


  1. Many congratulations, Roy, on the success of Gopagilla. It’s well deserved. As one of the two hundred folk who parted with £4 for it, I speak as a satisfied customer. It’s a fine publication and a collection I keep going back to with renewed pleasure. A sure sign of quality. Looking forward to when your book length collection comes out.


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