A quartet of reviews

When it was announced that I was one of the winners of the Crystal Clear Pamphlet competition I signed an agreement which stipulated that I would promote my work. That is why I am drawing your attention to the latest reviews of ‘Gopagilla’.

I’m slightly overwhelmed by how positive these reviews are. The first to appear was in The Frogmore Papers where I found the short but nicely observed piece by Charlotte Gann . I’ll post this on the ‘Reviews’ page of this site with the others that are already there sometime soon.

Clicking the excellent Sphinx website run by Happenstance publisher Helena Nelson,  I found a further three. You can read these and others by clicking  Sphinx reviews  . I’m please to say all three writers wrote favourably and well, and picked an interestingly varied selection of poems to quote from and critique. I’m very much enjoying receiving feedback on my work and am interested to see how different poems appeal to different readers; still taking in some of the complimentary comments  in as I write this. I’m also very pleased to see that fellow Crystal Clear poets Jess Mayhew and Aly Stoneman have received good reviews too, and that the lovely cover design and layout by Helen Walsh and the high quality production values have been duly noted and praised.

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