A labour of love volume 5

Jonathan and Maria Taylor, who I’m proud to say published my Pamphlet ‘Gopagilla’ as part of their Crystal Pamphlets series of five pamphlets earlier this year, have managed to put together the fifth volume of Hearing Voices magazine. As both Mr and Mrs Taylor have successful writing and teaching careers and are raising twin girls, I have been convinced for sometime that they themselves are each one half of a pair of identical twins who work in shifts around the clock.   Their individual websites can be accessed via the links on the right of this page.

Hearing Voices, vol. 5 – now available to order, featuring work by Michael Waters, Melissa Lee-Houghton, Myra Schneider, Jayne Stanton, C. J. Allen, Rory Waterman, Kathy Bell, Linda Lee Welch, Robert Graham, Lisa Mansell, John Hoppenthaler, Emma Lee, Roy Marshall, Angela France, Karen Powell, Claire Walker, Erika Denham, Lindsay Waller-Wilkinson, and many many others …. Only £3

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