I’m pleased to have had a poem commended by Michael Laskey, brilliant poet and editor of Smiths Knoll,
in the Fakenham Open poetry comp. I keep a look out for competitions that are free or inexpensive to enter (this one was two pounds a poem I think with a first prize of two hundered won by James Knox Whittet ) and am always interested if the judge is someone whos work I admire. Here is the poem I sent.
It wrote itself.

  On Loan

Back then silence was expected.
Once through the turnstile
requests and thank you’s
were scarcely audible,
the whisper of turning pages
punctuated by the stamp of due dates.

I remember discoveries
that shaped whole holidays,
the creaking spines of hardbacks
under August skies;

unreturned and haunting me still,
 ‘Another Side Of Bob Dylan’,
a cassette from which I ripped
the plastic cover of ownership,
a tacky smear occluding
Bob’s youthful face.




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