Poem for Kim Moore’s new pamphlet

I have written a couple of poetry reviews in the past (you can read two on if you click Sphinx on the list on the left of this page) but do not consider myself an expert reviewer. I was blown away by Kim Moore’s new Smiths/Doorstop Pamphlet, ‘If We Could Speak Like Wolves’. Reviewing takes time, involving careful reading and note taking, and I don’t have much time at the moment, so I wrote Kim a poem and e-mailed it to her as a way of telling her how much I enjoyed her work. Frankly I think you should just buy and read these poems instead of spending time reading what I think about them. Anyway, I wrote a poem quickly, and it was originally only intended for Kim to see, but she asked me if she could post it on her blog and there it is. Some of the images in my poem refer to Kim’s poems, some are mine (like the horses in the last line who seemed to turn up, perhaps as a metaphor for tenderness.) Pop in and have a read on Kim Moore’s Blog.   And buy the pamphlet!  Its £4 from The Poetry Business.


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