Northampton, London Grip, and Kim Moore’s new pamphlet

I had a wonderful time at The Olde England pub in Northampton last night. Susan Sheridan, ace poet and compare of the poetry evening Smack the Poesy had invited me to close the evening after a  plethora of fine open mike readers including Susan herself.

Other news. The summer issue of London Grip is now online, and contains poems from Maria Taylor, David Cooke, and others including one from me which examines some of the myths that surround the origins of the Parakeets which live in London.

And finally, Kim Moore’s new pamphlet is hot off the press and available from Smiths/Doorstop 
I’ve been familiar with Kim’s work from magazines, and its great to have poems which I’ve admired and enjoyed in one collection together with poems I haven’t seen before. One of these, Teaching the Trumpet is on the  Favourite Poem of the week page of this blog.   I used to play this instrument myself and so found the poem particularly affecting.

Demonstrating a consistent fusion of talent and craft, this is a remarkable debut which everyone interested in poetry should read and re-read.

   If We Could Speak Like Wolves


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