From the page of doubt to the page of triumph

A lovely Happenstance pamphlet has arrived to brighten this gloomy Tupperware skied May morning. Flicking through the Forward book of poetry 2011 the other night and admiring the subtle economy of Tom Duddy’s ‘The Touch’ i decided I must read more.

I ordered Duddy’s 2006 pamphlet ‘The Small Hours’ and was not disappointed. These poems are elegant, graceful and perfectly paced. They are calm, self-contained, hospitable spaces, welcoming you straight in and making you comfortable. The admirable subtly of these poems allowed me to absorb the narratives and emotions within them so fully that I felt as if I had awoken from a little dream at the end of each. The poems are rich with grief, joy, loss, and a gentle sense of wonder at the changes wrought by the passing time.

I wanted to highlight one poem in particular which I felt expressed the fluctuations between self-doubt and belief which all poets must surely experience. I’ve posted ‘The Life Of Robert Frost’ on my favourite poem of the week page as it elegantly captures this struggle and serves as a reminder to poets in those times of despair. Frost is poised between the pages of an autobiography, between ‘the page of doubt’ and ‘the page of triumph’.  We know that the ‘future shimmers’ overleaf, just as we know on a gloomy May morning that glorious summer days are just over the page.

You can click the link to the homepage of Tom Duddy here.


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